Ethfinex is the home of digital tokens trading & discussion.

Founded in 2017, Ethfinex is an information & exchange platform designed to facilitate discussion & analysis of Ethereum projects.
Ethfinex brings with it the vision of a community-centric and highly liquid digital asset exchange platform. We’re a hybrid hub for developers, traders and enthusiasts alike, made with the intention of facilitating high quality discussion and trading in the Ethereum ecosystem.
The tokenisation of business models is quickly establishing itself as one of the most exciting innovations of the decade, with the potential to dramatically disrupt traditional business models. The inherent value of these tokens often stems from the communities around them but, in the face of rapid growth, these communities are often dispersed, with valuable information and credible sources difficult to find, analyse, and track.
Ethfinex combats this through unifying information, discussion and exchange, to create a hybrid information & exchange platform for ERC20 tokens and crowdsales. Built for the Ethereum community, using Ethereum.
Community Centric
You’re a team player and understand the value of direct communication and collaboration. You never say ‘it’s not my job’.
Results Driven
You are focused and mission-driven. You pay attention to detail, take pride in your results and think big.
You take risks, thrive in uncertainty and create the conditions you need for success. You have a bias for action - speed matters.
You are positive in attitude and full of energy. Your behaviour inspires those around you.
You are constantly looking to challenge the status quo as well as yourself. You value failure and the lessons that come with it.
Your desire to learn is unquenchable, and you value & accept feedback from all angles. You’re proactive, eager and curious about your work.
Ownership Mentality
You think long term, and on behalf of the whole company. You are devoted to your own projects but are always thinking about how your work will impact our customers.
You are resourceful and inventive, and you thrive at creating new opportunities out of constraints. You accomplish a lot with the help of a little.
We’ve assembled a small, agile team, working in remote locations, at the beginning of a fast-moving, disruptive industry.
We are passionate about what we do. We’re optimistic about the future, and we are hard at work shaping it.
Ethfinex is an information & exchange platform for ERC20 tokens and Ethereum-based projects. Our mission is to create the home of digital token trading & discussion - the world’s most liquid digital asset exchange platform, owned & run by the people using it.
Our vision is to create a free and accessible global digital economy by disrupting the current paradigm. Come join us, and lay the foundation for a decentralised future.

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