Announcements > July NEC Distribution July 09, 2019

Nectar tokens have now been credited to Market Makers on Ethfinex. These are in proportion to maker volume over the last 30 days (10th June - 08th July).

The total maker volume during this 30 day period was 232,898,941 USD.

Ethfinex sent 50% of fees collected to the Nectar vault contract: 248.58 ETH

A total of 239,896 NEC were therefore created.


Since inception, our roadmap has been fuelled by plans to fully decentralise the Ethfinex platform and governance structure, with key examples spanning the efxDAO, and

In line with this mission, it's now time to transition Nectar to the next step in its evolution - from 'distribution phase' to the fast-approaching 'NEC 2.0' model (soon to be announced), which will see a carefully designed array of improved features and utilities.

As such, we confirm this months issuance will serve as the penultimate round, with 08/08/2019 being the final date users will be rewarded for their market-making activity on Ethfinex.

Whilst an exciting chapter, this also means the next 30 days will be the final period within which users can earn NEC for market-making on Ethfinex before we evolve to the new model.

More details will be released over the course of the next month. If you have any questions please contact [email protected]