Announcements > Ethfinex Adds 3 New Dai Pairs To Ethfinex and Ethfinex Trustless January 31, 2019

We are delighted to announce the addition of 3 new Dai pairs to Ethfinex and Ethfinex Trustless. *Please note that whilst effective immediately for Ethfinex, pairs on Trustless will be activated within the next few days, once order-books have sufficiently developed.

Dai is a first of its kind decentralised stablecoin designed by the MakerDao team and built on top the Ethereum Network. We are strong supporters of the Maker team and are proud to be able to support them and their community as they continue to ship products for the benefit of the Ethereum community.

All new pairs added to Ethfinex will enjoy 0% maker fees for the first $1.5m volume.

Read the launch announcement here: