Announcements > Bringing Rigoblock Token Sale to Ethfinex December 19, 2018

We are exceptionally pleased to present the Rigoblock token sale - the second of a small selection of token sales to take place on Ethfinex via our token sale platform.

Rigoblock is reinventing the asset management space by allowing anyone to create, manage and contribute to decentralized token pools, called Dragos. Rigoblock have made 124,700 GRG tokens available for Ethfinex users, at a 5% discount to the public sale.

What is Rigoblock?

Deployed on the Ethereum mainnet, the Rigoblock protocol is a series of smart contracts that allow anyone to create, manage and contribute to decentralised token pools.

The traditional asset management industry is characterized by high fees and non-transparent management decisions.

Rigoblock brings accountability and transparency to the digital asset management space. Instead of fees being charged to contributors, token pool operators are rewarded via a novel proof-of-performance mechanism that distributes GRG tokens created via inflation, to positive performing pools.

See the full Token Sale FAQ here.

Save your spot in the Rigoblock Network Token Sale now.