Announcements > Ethfinex adds direct Tether conversion pair November 27, 2018

As of today, November 27th 2018, Ethfinex will be adding a trading pair between Tether USDT and USD, as well as Tether EURT and EUR. Previously USDT deposits were credited as USD, but will now be credited instead as USDT. Although Ethfinex does not directly support bank deposits or withdrawals, verified customers can still withdraw fiat using a linked Bitfinex accounts.

All existing USD balances on Ethfinex will remain as they are and are thus unaffected by this change. Any Tether deposits initiated after this time will be credited to the user's Tether wallets.

This update coincides with increased flexibility in the redemption of Tether via the platform. Traders using Tether are now able to redeem their USDTs to USD directly through the newly-updated platform, which now supports full account set-up and verification whilst enabling direct Tether-to-fiat conversions at a fixed 1:1 rate. Please refer to the the full Tether announcement to learn more.