Announcements > Token Sales on Ethfinex - A platform for secure, effortless contributions to token sales. October 26, 2018

Combining trading, discussion and research portals, Ethfinex was designed to pave the way for more informed decision-making, providing our users with the tools they need to successfully navigate the cryptocurrency landscape.

As a step further towards this goal, we are pleased to now unveil Token Sales on Ethfinex.

For more information, please refer to the full announcement post.

Token Sale Process

The new Ethfinex Token Sale platform will allow Ethfinex users to participate in pre-vetted token sales for a small number of new projects.

Every Ethfinex user will be eligible to enter each token sale draw at least once, whilst users holding a certain threshold of Nectar (NEC) tokens will be granted additional entries as part of our new Superuser concept. The entire token sale process is outlined in greater detail in the full announcement post.

Ethfinex token sales offer an exciting opportunity to discover new crypto-assets and to have access to sales that may normally be closed to small/non-institutional investors. We are incredibly excited to integrate high-quality token sales onto our platform and will be sharing more news on the first token sale hosted on our platform shortly.

Superusers on Ethfinex

Nectar (NEC) holders will from this moment onwards be rewarded with Superuser status.

There will be five levels of Superuser status, with each level being determined by the amount of NEC that a user holds. Superusers on Ethfinex will benefit from a number of rewards ranging from:

  • Fee discounts;
  • Priority access to new features;
  • Stronger voice in the decision making driving Ethfinex.

We are incredibly excited to be adding more use-case for the Nectar token and enhancing the impact which NEC token holders can have on the future of Ethfinex. To get set up as an Ethfinex Superuser, visit

What’s To Come

We have several projects lined up thus far and we aim to commence the first ever token sale on Ethfinex over the next few days. This is an exciting new development for the Ethfinex community and one which demonstrates our commitment of bringing together passionate token traders and innovative projects for the benefit of the whole space.