Announcements > Nectar Market Maker Distribution / 12th September September 12, 2018

Ethfinex has completed the latest round of Nectar token distributions to reward market makers for their trading activity in the previous 30 day period, which ended September 11th. Based on Ethfinex trading activity over the past month, 629,417.7 Nectar (NEC) tokens were distributed to Ethfinex users, with a current dollar value of $205,772.63.

A total of 641.2 ETH have been pledged to NEC holders through means of the NEC token smart contract. This figure represents 50% of trading fee revenues for this latest 30 day period. This token transfer can be observed on Etherscan.

If you have already verified your account and registered for the scheme, you will now be able to see new NEC credited to your Ethfinex account.

A full report on Ethfinex’s performance over this period will be released shortly.

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