Announcements > Nectar Tokens (NEC) and Fee Adjustments February 12, 2018

As of this evening, February 12th, 2018, Ethfinex has implemented a number of fee schedule adjustments to accommodate the Nectar token (NEC) integration.

Maker fees on Ethfinex will be 0.100% regardless of total trading volume, as opposed to following a tiered fee schedule. Taker fees on Ethfinex will start at 0.200% for 30-day trading volumes up to 50,000 USD, falling to 0.100% at 60,000,000 USD. The exact fee schedule can be reviewed at

The fee schedule may be adjusted based on the value and issuance of Nectar over the upcoming months. In a situation where the value of NEC is not enough for the market maker loyalty scheme to be a strong incentive to provide liquidity, we may reduce trading fees to keep Ethfinex competitive.

The fee mechanism put in place by Ethfinex is designed to reward Nectar token holders, who will be stakeholders in the platform. Future governance decisions, including those relating to fee schedule, will be made with significant input from token holders.

Earn your stake in Ethfinex

Ethfinex has a Market Maker Loyalty Program which opens for registration on February 13th, 12 PM UTC.

This program allows you to earn Nectar tokens (NEC) in proportion to the 30-day trading volume you contribute as a market maker on Ethfinex. 50% of all trading fees on Ethfinex are pledged to Nectar token holders and can be redeemed at any time. Additionally, users can choose to trade their NEC on a secondary market against ETH and USD.

By trading as a market maker on Ethfinex (e.g. through placing limit orders) you will earn a stake in the long-term success of the platform and its decentralized ventures.

Learn more about Nectar here and visit to get started.