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Ethfinex is the home of digital tokens trading & discussion.
Built for the Ethereum community, using Ethereum.
Go Trustless
Ethfinex is a community hub for developers, enthusiasts and traders to share, discuss and crowdsource information from across the decentralised ecosystem.
The platform offers both centralised exchange trading and secure trustless trading from a private wallet or custom custody solution, for all Ethereum based tokens.
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An industry first, Ethfinex Trustless allows for the trading of tokens from the security of a privately held wallet, whilst still facing high-speed liquid centralised order books. This offers the best of all worlds: speed, security and privacy. Advanced centralised exchange and margin trading is also available.
Token Listings
Identify, track, and discuss upcoming token listings. View the latest discussions and directly contribute to your favourite projects, often at favourable terms compared with the public token issuances.
Collaborate, review and discuss upcoming crowdsales and traded tokens. Whether you want whitepaper reviews, sentiment analysis, or developer guides and FAQs, all the information you need to study will be in one place.
By crowdsourcing information and analysis, with a user reputation system to ensure high quality content, the entire blockchain ecosystem can benefit and accelerate.
Why Ethfinex?
Tokens and tokenised assets on Ethereum are fast proving themselves to represent one of the most exciting innovations of the decade, with the potential to displace many traditional business models and revolutionise financial infrastructure.
The core value of these tokens is the communities around them, but these communities are often dispersed, with information that is difficult to find, analyse, store, and track.
Ethfinex offers a new community and information hub for these tokens and Ethereum-based projects. It will facilitate learning, discussion, and analysis, whilst simultaneously offering access to the most highly liquid and advanced trading platform for ERC20 tokens.
& Community
Ethfinex reflects the nature of the Ethereum community itself, building strong two-way relationships with other project teams.
Smart contracts and decentralisation will increasingly be built into everything Ethfinex does, creating tools and modules necessary to interact with and contribute back to other projects in the ecosystem.
To explore how Ethfinex can support your team or project, please contact [email protected]
Ethfinex’s vision is to move towards a completely trustless exchange, including steadily decentralising ownership of the platform to its community of users.
We believe that fully decentralised models for exchange are not yet mature or scalable. Ethfinex pioneers a hybrid decentralised architecture, allowing decentralised exchanges to plug into it and trade with Ethfinex customers, as well as each other.
Ethfinex will encourage the emergence of scalable and trustless solutions by acting as an experimentation zone for emerging decentralised exchange protocols, providing feedback and allowing them to test and learn.
The Nectar Token Loyalty Program
Our journey towards decentralisation includes at its core the Nectar token (NEC), used to incentivise liquidity and reward loyal customers of Ethfinex. These loyalty tokens are never to be sold in a crowdsale, but are instead given for free to reward traders every 30 days for the trades they make.
50% of Ethfinex’s trading revenues are sent into a pool, which owners of the nectar tokens can redeem from a smart contract. NEC is also used to advise on the future governance of Ethfinex, and vote on decisions such as which tokens should be available to trade. Sign up to begin earning a stake in the platform today.
Read the whitepaper to learn more about the Nectar token WHITEPAPER